About Us

What We Do

We put our passion into everything we do to produce the best for your special day. We capture those moments to keep them alive forever!

  • We go above and beyond to capture every special moment.
  • We put our heart and soul into the process to get perfection.
  • We are always pushing ourselves to deliver our best work for you.

How we Work

Forever Lights Photography makes it easier for clients to book appointments and get the work done at affordable prices.

Why Choose Us
Our experience is over several years and shooting in several different countries with unique demands. Such as military full dress, destinations weddings, weather, unforeseen circumstances and dealing with multi-cultural weddings just to name a few. The loyalty and dedication to our clients sets us apart from our competition. We are not in for the money but for the experience of a near adventure. This mind set in our eyes makes us the best choice for your special day.
We Exceed Expectation of Clients

In this day and age, it is so hard to find anyone that is willing or even cares about going that extra bit unless they are getting paid for it. That is NOT how we work. If it is going to make the images better and you happier that it will happen regardless of the money.

We Plan the day
Without a plan for the day those images that are must haves, will be lost or forgotten. So, before the day a list is put together by both the bride and groom to makes sure that nothing is forgotten

My Mission

Is to provide the best experience with people I photograph, giving attention to every detail. We will go every extra bit and put in that extra time to meet and exceed your expectations. Willingness to travel to wherever is needed and give my clients everything they wish and desire.


Meet Our Team

“Hello from Forever lights Photography”

My name is Thomas Thomas and yes that really is my name. I have been a photographer for several years. I started out using film and made the jump to digital. I use top of the line equipment like Cannon to produce the best images.  I have photographed all over the world with weddings in Greece and the United Kingdom. I have also photographed corporate events, food and products. I am a detail orientated photographer and will make every image the best. My style of photography is natural with very little posing as I feel this produces the best images.

My assistant is my wife Joanna she is from England. She has been doing weddings longer than I have by creating beautiful wedding cakes. Joanna helps me with the bride getting ready and gives me that feminine touch to my images. She has that English accent that everybody loves to listen to and a personality the just puts a smile on your face and relaxes you.


Owner and photographer, I have been shooting for several years and love my job. Photography is and adventure that has taken me all over the world. Namely China, Europe and the United Kingdom. I shoot wedding, baby, corporate and what ever else is required by my clients. 


Photographer’s assistant and award-winning cake designer. I have been assisting my husband with his shoots from the beginning giving my input from the bride’s point of view.